Ace Beaute Nostagia Eye Shadow Palette




The Nostalgia Palette consists of 15 colors that are meant to inspire fun and creativity and to perhaps make you feel nostalgic about some awesome past fun times. Each color has been carefully milled and pressed to provide the easiest application and the most excellent color payoff Shade Breakdown Beach (matte)- ‪Popsicle (matte)- ‪Stargazing (metallic)- ‪Theme Park (matte)- ‪Water Slide (matte)- ‪Heat (metallic)- ‪Raspberry (matte)- Picnic (matte)- ‪Camping (matte)- Fun (metallic)- ‪Flower (matte)- ‪Vacation (matte)- ‪Flip Flops (matte)- ‪Carnival (matte)- Hiking (matte)


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