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Life as a beauty professional has its challenges. Unlike any other space, it can sometimes be a lonely industry to navigate. Most people only see the fun side but running a beauty business requires skills in customer service, accounting, inventory management, and lead generation. Throughout my experience as a Beauty Pro, I have defined key tools and checklists to help keep me both organized and well-prepared for any client or project. Use this Pro Beauty Planner as a guide as you continue your career within the beauty industry. I look forward to being an integral part of your growth and I am excited to hear how this planner has helped you to stay organized along the way.

This Pro Beauty Kit Planner is perfect for upcoming beauty pros, makeup artists, hairstylists, cosmetologists, and estheticians. Includes complete lists of the products and tools that I use every day both backstage and on location. I have done the dirty work of testing these products and tools on my clients so you don’t have to! This planner is complete with pro beauty discount lists, pro tips, face charts, calendars, and even sections to fill in for kit needs, shopping lists, beauty notes, profit and loss statements, and much, much more. This pro beauty kit planner is the perfect tool to keep you organized as a successful beauty pro.

I am Kinshasa Hunter, MakeupKween Beauty Owner, and Founder. In 2014 I launched my beauty business as a way to bridge the gap between my love for fashion and beauty and my corporate success and experiences. It is my mission to empower upcoming beauty pros to achieve some of the same success and experiences that I have achieved throughout my career. Thank you for your support and I look forward to being an integral part of your journey throughout the beauty space.


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